Case Study

LaalPur Station

Learn how we took the ad spend & increased their revenue by 10X


Laalpur Station is a catering business that focuses on weekly Bangladeshi food delivery to students, urban and suburban families within GTA. While Laalpur generates a great deal of its business from a few factors such as the chef’s reputation and the quality and the authenticity, a key component of its expansion plan was to launch a digital customer acquisition program with paid channels.



Taking a customer forward approach. First, we designed a brand identity that resonated with the customer. We created a logo, tagline, tone, and typeface that created an appeal and were relevant to the Bangladeshi audience.

Next the website, it was built to be fast, mobile-responsive and included information that was most desired from customer interviews.*

The last piece was the socials and paid campaigns. Realizing the use of Facebook within the Bengali community for finding businesses, reviews and social groups – we launched a page and a campaign with creative messaging. The campaign was highly targeted based on demographics, location, interest and scheduling.


60+ reviews (5 stars only) on Facebook page from new and existing clients (3 months period)

Facebook paid campaign results that generated over 4 figures in revenues from 3 figure in ad spend (first month)

Cost per link click – 0.18 cents

235% increase in website traffic

2:31 minutes average time spent on the website