Case Study

Tricia Mitchell

Learn how we grew an account to 10K+ real followers  in just 8 months


Tricia Mitchell is a TV host, model and chef.  Born in Barbados, this Bajan beauty has worked all over the world including London, Paris, Cape Town, and Barcelona. While Tricia is very successful, she was not using the power of social media to leverage her brand and to take her career to the next level. That’s where our social media management services came in.


The first step in building a social media personality was curating the content and branding the channel. We did a thorough analysis of the industry as well as the competition, and began to post content that appealed to her audience and followers. The analysis and content was highly targeted based on demographics, location, interest and scheduling.

Second, we helped Tricia build a social presence that shows off her brand, sparks conversations, and builds deeper relationships with her audience. We did the research to make sure she are reaching the right people and using the right hashtags. Real engaged followers, who are actually interested in her posts and what she has to offer.

Next, we interacted with key accounts to get Tricia noticed by her favourite companies, brands and personalities.  Through the growth of her follower base and high engagement, we got her featured on several major outlets and platforms and Tricia began to create partnerships and relationships.


9,000+ Follower increase in 8 months

15,000+ Average unique weekly reach

45,000+ Average weekly impressions

150 Average unique weekly website clicks

"I am a very busy person, who is building their brand. I just don’t have time to deal with my social media and work. Binary is fantastic, and allows me to work on my art, as I build my brand. I get to work on me as they build my social media, and for me that is perfect."
Tricia Mitchell